Big News

Dear Phoenix Fans,

The foundations have been made and the script is being written by the director.

Yes, we are preparing to shoot our first official professional video.

And all of YOU can be in it!

More info about that soon.

Devil's Rock for an Angel

Last Saturday we played at this awesome benefit against cancer and it was great!

Thanks to the organisation for an awesome logisticly perfect evening, our fans who came in great numbers to support us and of course our fellow musicians.


Up to the next great epic adventure.


Rock on Phoenix Rebels.

When the silence is over

Alright you metallovers and Phoenix Fans,

It has been quiet here for some time.

But never fear, Phoenix Rebellion is here.


Summer is over but heavy metal will never die.

Thats why we announce that our demo is out.

It got a great revieuw in Rock Tribune magazine.


Other things on the Phoenix agenda are :


- rehearsing new songs (already 2 in                         progress)


- making our very first official video (a spot           for every fan in the video)


new promomaterial you can spend your                money on ( see shop)


Doing a lot of kickass shows (see our giglist)


So keep looking for our manly man sign

Thx for your patience and support.

Demorecordings completed

Hurray, we have completed the recordings of our first demo: Pirates Of Ibiza. As soon as the mastering is finished, we will put some songs online!

SjampRock Rockrally

We we're contacted by 't Sjampetterke on Fridaynoon. A Bar in Roeselare did a rockrally for their Festival on 9-07-2016. One of contestants cancelled and we could take their place  saturday evening if we wanted. Of course we said yes and gave Roeselare a metal party that brought the place down. Eventually our partymetal won the saturdaycontest but only got second in the entire weekend. 


We would hereby like to thank the bar, p.a., sarah noppe for proposing us, the fans who made it on such short notice, and the many fans we gained on this epic saturday.


THX for giving us another gig to remember


Record store day was a blast.

Thanks to all who supported this day by standing with us and Eternal Breath in the dark fucking rain.

Your engagement to us and the local record store of Jaqn and Tante Dett will always be in our hearts, Respect to you, Kortrijk Metalheads.


Also special thanks to Paul's boutique for beer and burgers and our brothers Tjalle and Bert for helping us out with the soundsystem.


THANKS ALL OF YOU from Phoenix Rebellion and Popcenter

Record Store Day

 Nothing feels better than holding that cd or vinyl. Hearing the little cracks on the player when the needle hits the music.


That's wy the 16th of April is worldwide known as record store day. A day dedicated to the hardworking persons who bring us good music old school style.


We decided to pay tribute to one of the last real metal record shops in our hometown of Kortrijk and its owners Jakn en Tante Death.

Our guitarriffs and the drumbeats wil be heard in front of this awesome store with our friends from Eternal Breath. FOR FREE. Beer provided by de burgerplace next door.


Be sure to check us and the store out.


- popcenter

- live @ popcenter





New Future Stuff

Now that Phoenix Fest is over.

We're going back in full throttle composing and planning future songs, recordings and gigs. 


Be sure to follow up the news.


Great metalgreets

Phoenix Rebellion

Phoenix Fest 2016

Thanks to all the visitors of Phoenix Fest on 05-03-2016.

This years edition wouldn't have been a succes without you guys.


Thanks to all the bands who played, you were all awesome!

By the words of Lemmy "Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud"


Thanks to all the people behind the scenes for all their support and help.

Video's / Muziek